List of Advisors

List of Advisors

If you have any questions regarding your existing annuity contract or any pending matters in relation thereto you may contact GLL at - [email protected] and 876-927-4105 ext. 2470.

Insurance Advisors
Client Service Officer
Mobile Number
Alfred Todd
Duke Street
Stephanie Channer-Thompson
Kerry-Ann Redwood
Duke Street
Samantha Harris
Stacy McGregor
Half-Way Tree
Shantelle McCarthy
Maxine Bryce-Baker
Half-Way Tree
Lexine Green
Audrey Stennett
Constant Spring
Kandice Green
Moya Irshard
1 - 7 Knutsford Blvd
Andrew Rose
Nicola Brown Wright
Old Harbour & Linstead

Sasha-gaye Bailey-Young
Matilda's Corner
Vanessa Crooks

University of the West Indies
Kiola Davidson
Sandries Hughes
May Pen
Chadia Daley
Tashika Forrester
Morant Bay & Port Antonio

Shevaneice Raynor
Oshane Black
Anna-Lisa McEwan
St. Jago Shopping Centre
Tashanna Bonnick
Kimberly HosangRose
St. Ann's Bay & Port Maria
Oshane Gordon (St. Ann)
Andrea Moncrieffe-Mahtani
Ocho Rios & Browns Town
Mario Folkes (Ocho Rios)
Sanique Scarlett

Santa Cruz, Junction, Black River (Remote)
Xavier Beckford (Santa Cruz)
Rackay Samuels

Charmaine Dixon
Fabian Thompson

Tanique Thompson- Smith

Savanna la mar
Octavia Jackson
Tania Watson
Fairview Branch & Baywest / Falmouth, lucea, Negril (Remote)

Erica Anderson
Fairview Branch
Tirannah Graham

Fairview Branch
Tamara Dacres

Relief - CSO Region 2
Ronique Reynolds