Employee Care Life


We offer 24-hour life insurance coverage for all employees, hospital accident benefits, and the option for those who terminate their employment to convert their insurance coverage to an individual life insurance plan.

In the event of an accidental death or dismemberment, NCB Insurance provides your employees with the necessary protection in the form of living benefit payments, and terminal illness benefits, without the hassle of having to provide individual medicals. Employees will be able to rest easy knowing themselves and their loved ones are protected against any eventuality.

Assets are a vital part of every modern business operation; increasingly employers have come to accept that Employees are the most important form of asset and therefore must be protected. So an important factor of doing business is that both the Employees and machinery need to be insured against the risks of loss.

That's where the NCBIC Employee Care Life come in. Our plans are designed to provide peace of mind to Employers whose objective is to protect their Employees against the risks of:

  •  Death
  •  Disability
  •  Retirement, and
  •  Provide Living Benefit payments for total & permanent disability, loss of sight, hearing, speech and phalanges, Terminal Illness, etc.

Whether your Benefits Programme is being implemented as a result of your objectives or jointly with your Employees, NCBIC is here to assist you with a seamless transition into providing these benefits for your most valuable asset

Features & Benefits of NCBIC's Employee Care Life


  • 24-Hour Coverage: Life insurance coverage for all employees both on and off the premises of the workplace
  •  Master Contract: This is the contract between the Employer and NCB Insurance Company (NCBIC) and the Employees are the individuals insured under the contract. Therefore, certificates of insurance are issued to each Employee and not a contract
  •  Evidence of Insurability: No individual medical required for each Employee except where required under special conditions
  •  Conversion Option - portability of coverage: Provides a convenient option for covered eligible Employees, who terminate their employment, to convert their Employee Care Life insurance coverage to an individual life insurance plan. Current Maximum $5,000,000
  •  Hospital Accident Benefit: $1,000.00 per day up to a Lifetime Maximum of 50 days and $50,000.00.
  •  Terminal Illness Benefit: payable to an enrolled Employee who is medically diagnosed as terminally ill with a life expectancy of six (6) months or less. 50% of the coverage in force at the date of diagnosis is payable up to a maximum of $2,000,000 and upon death of the Employee the balance is payable to his/her named beneficiary.